Why Should Women Lift Weights?

I 1000% think its a must to train weights no matter if your a male or female, the health benefits are awesome

We hear this all the time, should women train with weights?

Most women stay away from weights in fear of bulking up or thinking they will suddenly turn into muscle meatheads.

It is true that many women are realising the benefits of weight training, but the vast majority still avoid the weights room and are missing out on all the benefits.

So lets set the record straight, women are not genetically geared towards muscle mass, due to the lack of testosterone.

I'm not saying women can't add muscle, they can, but it will depend on calorie intake, the more calories the bigger you will get despite weight training.

It's actually good to have more muscle as it keeps you lean, most women want a lean strong body, and lifting weights will help you achieve this plus turn you into a fat burning machine, as lean muscle burns more calories at rest.

We all have to keep our hearts healthy with cardio, but women seem to stick to just the treadmill, workout after workout.

This is fine if you want to be a smaller version off yourself, using weights will sculpt your body to the way you want it, also reducing the risk of osteoporosis and improving your strength and also aid in fat loss.

Doing cardio without weights will lead to less muscle and a reduced amount of calories burned compared to if you did both.

Running all the time will become easier and easier, your body will be used to it and progress will slow down, resulting in you eating less to combat this, the metabolism will slow, what muscle you did have you will lose, burned as energy as a result of not enough calories and to much cardio.

Nothing left to grow and repair your body.

Resistance training is the answer, plus cardio.and not drastically increasing calories. You can eat more as your BMR will slowly rise.

So don't be scared and get in the weights room, and trust me nobody is looking at you and judging you, they are all training to reach their own goals, 

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Results will be slow but stick at it and the gains will come

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope it has helped

The Rack Wear Team